I specialise in commissions and would be delighted to work with you to produce a personalised artwork for you.
Please get in touch to start a dialogue.

The process for commissioning work is as follows:

  1. We agree a budget and timeframe, and establish what to include in the picture
  2. A deposit is paid
  3. I show a preparatory sketch before starting work
  4. Work in progress shots are supplied throughout the process so you can see the work evolve and also have the opportunity to provide input.
  5. The final work is approved and final payment taken before handover.

Below are details of commissions completed for clients:

‘Sydney Summer Garden’
watercolour, collage and pencil on sewn Arches paper
Picture size: 115cm x 115cm

The client loved blue and white china, hydrangeas, figs, hibiscus and magnolias.  I added insects and birds to bring some life and movement into the image.
The objective was to create a lavish still life image for a large wall space in a private home.

‘Roy and Emma’s garden’ Tripdych
watercolour, collage and pencil on Arches paper
Each panel: 55cm x 140cm

This 3 panel painting was commissioned for a UK country manor house that my clients are restoring.
The objective of this work was to represent a British country cottage garden.  The three panels was a deliberate nod to the antique Chinoiserie panels often found in grand houses.

watercolour, collage and pencil on Khadi paper
Picture size approx: 39cm x 24cm

The couple who commissioned this picture lost a very dear pet during the commission process.  I incorporated ‘Possum’ the cat as a sly ear peeking from the corner of the painting.  In the top right hand corner I have included a copy of an old shopping list that was dear to them.

‘Pop’s Garden’
Watercolour, collage and pencil on sewn Arches paper
Picture size: 57cm x 72cm

This picture was a wedding present featuring plants from the grandfather’s garden.  The bourgainvillia grew in the bride’s mother’s garden. The commissioner’s own family are represented as beetles and lady bugs.

Watercolour and pencil on Arches paper
Picture size: 24cm x 39cm

A bringing together of the client’s favourite colours and flowers form a subtle image of cornflowers.   The blue and white vase pattern was adapted from a bowl.  The butterfly is an Australian meadow butterfly – found at Hillandale gardens & nursery, Yetholme, NSW.


‘Poppadum kitten, Nicky cat (means ‘stinky cat’), and friends’
Watercolour, collage and pencil on Arches paper.
Picture size: 56cm x 79cm

This was a significant birthday present commissioned by the recipient’s partner.
The client’s favourite flowers are gymea lilies and oriental lilies.  I wanted to make an exuberant, lavish image to compliment her personality.  The book is her favourite author and is on her bedside table.  The quote is also her favourite.  The two maneki neko cats represent the 2 house cats.


‘Cirebon Pond’
Watercolour, collage and pencil on Arches paper – diptych
Picture size: 72cm x 57cm

This image was for two clients who are building a collection of images featuring waterlilies/lotus and koi carp.
Orchids being a favourite were added into the picture.   The background in the water is my take on the Chinese cloud motif. The division of the water and sky is a device I have seen used in ancient Roman and Greek frescoes of underwater scenes.  The 9 koi carp symobilise ‘longevity’.  The lotus plant is famous for rising beautifully from muddy waters: symbolising purity of the heart and mind

Sarahs garden 16 with koi commissioned work on paper by Gabby Malpas

‘Peonies and butterfly’
Watercolour, collage and pencil on Arches paper
Picture size: 24cm x 39cm

This image was for a client expecting their first baby.  The colours were soft so they would be suitable for the nursery.
The peonies, ceramics and buttefly were consulted on and approved as items to include.  The background archway and blue and white vase carry a peony motif that the clients drew inspiration from, on a recent trip to the Lek region in India – hence the peonies chosen as  the featured flower.


‘Quincey Cottage’
Watercolour, gouache and pencil on Arches paper
Picture size approx: 39cm x 39cm

A special piece to mark the 20th anniversary of the Epping cottage garden club.  It was a great honour to paint the founder’s cottage garden and house in the background.  The chickens on the roof are Isa browns.



‘Ros’ garden’
Watercolour, gouache and pencil on Arches paper.
Picture size each panel: 65cm x 120cm

This was a significant commission for a client where I worked closely with her interior designer.  The plants included in this garden themed image can be found in her Sydney garden.
Although intended to hang together as a diptych, I deliberately made each image a standalone piece.

pink florals in blue and white porcelain


‘Lavish 2’
Watercolour, collage and pencil on Arches paper 
Picture size: 76cm x 39cm


The sister image of one created for another client.  The display of Sydney spring florals is in predominantly pink tones with blue and white porcelain featuring prominently.


‘Sarah’s garden 16’
Watercolour, collage and pencil on Arches paper
Picture size approx: 40cm x 60cm

The client loved the Sarah’s garden series of works but also wanted to include koi in some way.
We decided on a predominantly blue theme for the flowers to contrast nicely with the orange koi.


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