VB beer: XXL unisex 100% cotton tshirt


This is a medium adult size. The dimensions are:
width: 50.8cm
length: 73.7 cm

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The classic Australian beverage: VB beer.

Jeez we’ve changed a bit in our beer buying ways since VB was the go-to beverage for just about anywhere.
Here’s a little image reminiscing about those good old days and the refreshing, beery-goodness promise that came with every stubbie!
tshirts are generally made to order so get in touch if you want one printed!

Additional information

Small adult - unisex

width: 45.7cm
length: 71.1 cm

Medium Adult - unisex

width: 50.8cm
length: 73.7 cm

Large Adult - unisex

width: 55.9cm
length: 76.2 cm

XL Adult - unisex

width: 61cm
length: 78.7 cm

XXL Adult - unisex

width: 66cm
length: 81.3 cm