Gabby Malpas Art card and organic seed packet echinacea
Gabby Malpas Art card and organic seed packetGabby Malpas Art card and organic seed packet back view

Organic seed packet and matching blank art card: Echinacea


Each packet contains sowing and care instructions printed on the back of the seed packet. The seeds are packaged separately inside the decorative packet so they don’t slip out. The Latin name is written on each, in pencil.  The number of seeds supplied in each pack is generous by nursery standards.

Please note that I may not be able to send seeds to certain areas such as New Zealand, Tasmania and Western Australia due to quarantine restrictions.



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Product Description

Sarah’s seeds: Grown with love and care in Yetholme, NSW, Australia.

An ongoing collaboration between two friends has resulted in this seed packet project. Yetholme has a cooler climate than Sydney so the varieties on offer and in progress are of the ‘cottage garden’ variety. Those favourites you remember from your mother’s or grandmother’s gardens will be represented in this collection.

Each seed packet and matching art card carries an illustration of the plant made by Gabby Malpas of the actual flower/s from Hillandale gardens, Yetholme. Every packet is a unique piece of artwork in its own right.


We only create seed packets from available seeds from Sarah’s garden.  That means any number from 3 – 25 seed packets per year.



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